The app store for Booster applications.

Browse, download and install any module that integrates with and enhances your Booster Framework application.
Why Booster Marketplace?
Booster applications are incredibly easy to extend. The Booster framework allows developers to create and reuse new modules, easily adapt the project needs, and expand the framework in any way necessary.

These modules are called rockets. As extensions need only deal with data without touching the application code, it’s super easy to build and integrate new features into the framework.

This website is a catalog for every module built by the community, allowing users to extend their applications and helping the Booster ecosystem grow by fostering cross-project reusability.
How does it work?
Browse by any category and select the rocket you want to use. Download, install, and you’re ready to go.
Contribute to the community
Contribute to the community by uploading your very own rockets.
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